Idaho Campaign Sees Students Making Wise Choices About Their Futures

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Thursday, September 29, 2011
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Idaho Campaign Sees Students Making Wise Choices About Their Futures
Video Contest Opens to Idaho Students as Radio, TV campaign gets underway

(Boise) The Idaho Beer & Wine Distributors Association (IBWDA) is announcing the launch of a statewide effort to encourage Idaho teens not drink underage and instead focus on obtaining personal goals such as excellence in academics and athletics. The new “I Don’t” Video Contest campaign invites Idaho students to produce their own videos as part of a statewide effort to encourage their peers to put personal goals over underage drinking.

The “I Don’t” campaign is a video production competition and a large-scale community action program aimed at broadly communicating the risks of underage alcohol consumption. Videos will be produced by Idaho’s youth emphasizing the reasons against illegal underage drinking. The video contest is open to all Idaho students between the ages of 12-18 years old, in which applicants are asked to create their own video with the anti-underage drinking theme and showcasing the reasons they choose not to drink underage. The video contest is underway and individuals or teams may enter. Students can enter and upload their video on the IDon’ website and vote on their favorite videos.

“As distributors we understand all too well that beer and wine are beverages of moderation and need to be consumed responsibly. Underage drinking is unlawful and risky. Each of our distributors and suppliers statewide commit substantial resources toward curbing unlawful underage drinking,” said David Morrison, Senior Vice President of Idaho Distributing. “The IBWDA member companies are pooling their resources to benefit Idaho communities with positive anti-underage drinking messages.”

The “IDon’” website features student interviews and radio and TV announcements highlighting their reason to choose not to drink underage.

Prizes for the winning videos include an IPad, flip cams and t-shirts. Prizes will be awarded to the school with the most video submissions from its students. In addition, the winning video will be used in a statewide IDontDrink advertising campaign. The deadline for contest entry is November 30th.

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The Idaho Beer and Wine Distributors Association is a non-profit trade association comprised of beer and wine distribution companies throughout the state of Idaho.

  1. November 11, 2011

    Kyle Thurston

    Underage drinking is Illegal what is hard to understand about that
    it make you smell nasty act nasty and kill your brain WooHoo sounds like fun right NO I am a Non-Drinker always will be..
    I took D.A.R.E and graduated …

    • November 11, 2011


      That is correct Kyle, underage drinking is illegal…you tell ‘em! You sound very passionate about the issue, you should film a video highlighting some of these reasons on why you choose not to drink underage, and enter it into the Video Contest. It’s a great way to share your reasons with your peers, creating positive peer pressure not to drink underage. Check out for more info…


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