Phase II Winners Announced for the Video Contest

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/ / Leave a comment Campaign Announces Idaho Winners for Phase II Video Contest

We are excited to announce the winners selected for the three “Campaign’s Choice” awards, as well as the video that received the most votes (10,340 votes) by the public. Watch all four videos below, and you can watch all the other great videos here.

MOST VOTES (10,340): “2 Paths” created by Evan and Ben from Ashton, Idaho

1ST PLACE CAMPAIGN’S CHOICE: “Don’t Let Life Pass You By” created by Christopher, Harold, Angelica and Monica from Twin Falls, Idaho

2ND PLACE CAMPAIGN’S CHOICE: “Drugs and Alcohol” Spencer, Brian and Clark from Eagle, Idaho

3RD PLACE CAMPAIGN’S CHOICE: “What Are You Committed To?” by Anthony, Madison and Aaron from Idaho Falls, Idaho

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