Second “” video contest aims to stop underage drinking

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(Boise, Idaho) The Idaho Beer & Wine Distributors Association (IBWDA)  has launched  its second statewide effort to encourage Idaho teens  to abstain from illegal underage drinking  and instead focus on attaining excellence in other areas such as academics and athletics.

The “” campaign is a video production competition and a large-scale community action program aimed at broadly communicating the risks of underage alcohol consumption. A key element of the campaign is a video contest which invites students between the ages of 12 and 18 years old to create their own videos describing why they have chosen not to drink alcohol. The contest is open to both inpiduals and teams. Students can enter and upload their video to the website, where they may also vote for their favorite videos.

“Two years ago we held the first video contest and were very pleased with the number of student entries and engagement among young people in our state,” said Chris Bantrup, Owner of BRJ Distributing. “As distributors we understand beer and wine are beverages of moderation and need to be consumed responsibly. Underage drinking is unlawful and risky. Each of our distributors and suppliers statewide commit substantial resources toward preventing unlawful underage drinking.”

The “” website also features student interviews highlighting their reason to choose not to drink underage.

Prizes for the winning videos include an ipad mini, ipod touch, or an ipod nano. Schools with the most video submissions will also receive prizes. The deadline for entry into the video contest is January 31, 2014.

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The Idaho Beer and Wine Distributors Association is a non-profit trade association comprised of beer and wine distribution companies throughout the state of Idaho.

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